Friday 12 August 2011

Glorious 12th?

It doesn`t seem that it was 5 months ago that Jac and I were tying the knot in Scotland ~ the time has flown by. It is against pleasant thoughts of that time and day that brings me to the less pleasant thoughts that once again the Grouse shooting season starts in the UK today.

While putting my thoughts about this blogpost together this morning on my train journey to work, my concens about today were centred not upon the poor Grouse that are shot for expensive sport but on the `cost` that our UK raptors have to pay for this `sport`

I have written many times about the illegal persecution of raptors on this blog before, which I find saddening and depressing, but I found one story today that sums up all of those thoughts very well and so I have linked to it to share with you.

It is
written by Mark Avery, the previous Chief Executive of the RSPB and is here


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