Friday 5 August 2011


It seems that my photography seems to be the opportunistic type at the moment, You know the type where you see something unexpected and try to make the most of the situation, Like the tree frog and toads and also the snapping turtle from a month or so ago, Well it happened again, The other day i was taking a cup of tea up to my wife who was working hard on the top floor of our house, We have some small windows on the side of the stairs that over look the farm next door, I noticed two small bambi's-young deer with spots very close to my blind just the other side of the fence in the farmland, I quickly grabbed the D3s and 600VR lens, I wasn't sure if i would be over gunned but carefully opened my front door and snuck outside, I peeked around the side and they had their heads down, I took a test shot adjusted the exposure, It was pretty much all mid tone but the bright overhead light shone off of the deers coat, I knew they would only be grab shots as i was hand holding and i had either the fence or my blind in the way, I could also hear the gardeners close by and within a few minutes they deer fled as they could hear the approaching lawn mowers, It was great to see either way, They were probably twins, I had seen a very small deer many weeks ago but this was the first viewing since, The woodland between my house and the farm is pretty dense and a great place for them to hang out during daylight hours, Its difficult for people in the UK or Europe to understand just how big a population of deer we have here and most people have them in their gardens at some point no matter where you live, I will certainly miss them when i move out in just over a week but once the new house is built i will have them in my garden everyday/night so something to really look forward to

You can see my Blind/hide in the corner, All images are full frame


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