Tuesday 16 August 2011

Lottery Winners only need to worry.

A few weeks ago we had a record Euro Lottery winner in the UK - over £160m if I recall correctly.

Now I heard people at the time say that that was too much and they wouldn't want it all.  Well you can never have too much - the only problems you have are what you are going to spend it on and the limit on your imagination.

Well for those doubters, Canon have solved that problem for you with their pricing structure, at least here in the UK they have.

Just take a look at the current prime lens prices here for the 500 and 600's - ridiculous - roughly 9 and 11 K in close round numbers.

Well the rumour mill is awash with a new 1Dsmark 4 - see this link, and this one.

Given that the current 1DSmark111 is at 5K, and when the 1Dmk4 came up it had a 50% price shift, it might be a reasonable bet to assume the price will be on the wrong side of at least 6K.

Not that I care - I haven't won the lottery.

No doubt all the would be spec generators that various photo forums gather will be telling us what must be included, what shouldn't be, and then how disappointed they will be when it isn't delivered.

Having been there a few years ago myself, to a degree, it is a pretty pointless position to take.

So it will be what it will be, whenever Canon get round to releasing it, whatever IT is, and dealers getting supplies eventually, at silly prices, that the beta testers will find the faults, for a couple of issues of firmware.   Cynical? - Yes but then I have has some experience to draw on.

Just chill on new kit guys - it ain't worth the stress.

And maybe just buy a ticket for Friday night and keep your fingers crossed :-)



  1. Very true Martin now with that win I would be able to spend the lot in one go when I disappear in September to shoot one of my favourite subjects.

  2. I've had my MKIII for an age now and whilst it's not let me down like some of the earlier models, I'd like to upgrade - I've read about possible MKV specs, and they 'sound' very tempting....time will tell, and as you say - cost will decide what I do in the end......