Thursday 18 August 2011

Bird of Prey Breeding Successes - Some good news

While I recently reported on desperately bad news for the Hen Harrier in the UK here, it has been a different story for our fish eating raptors.

In Scotland, the release programme of White Tailed Eagles on the East Coast has been considered to be successful this year, with details reported here.  Let's hope these survive those who won't be pleased to see them, and that they cross populate with the ever increasing numbers on the West Coast.

Meanwhile, away from Scotland, Ospreys have done well at Rutland, Wales for the first time in 400 years at Dyfi, that you may have sen on this years Springwatch and also in the Lake District.

Lets hope this years chicks survive the gauntlet of hazards on their first migration and we see them back in coming years.

It makes a pleasant change to share good news with you on our raptors from the usual desperate news I seem to find.

Just one other quickie - if you didn't see Heligan on BBC2 last night, make sure you look out for the repeats or iPlayer it - it was reported to be fabulous, so I will be checking it out later


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  1. Let's hope they avoid Malta on their flights south Martin.....