Wednesday 17 August 2011

Home not so sweet home

What a week and its only Tuesday, It seems to have taken forever to move, We started on Saturday, I over estimated just how much furniture etc we have accumulated since moving states side, Now we have gone from 2800 feet 3 story house down to a 2 bed apartment so most of our gear is now in storage, The last few days i have moved over the bare essentials which is mainly camera gear, Again i didn't realize how much i have until it was all in one place in front of me, I have about 8-10 tripods, Time Warner have been their usual useless selves, I went to their offices the other day, I had to take some kit back, I asked if we could transfer the number-no i was told, Now i used to work with phones so i knew she was being lazy and just could not be bothered, I found that the apartment did not have dial tone so i called them, I explained the situation and the guy asked if i wanted to have my number transferred-voila, Then was told that as she had turned the old number off it was now not possible-think teeth grinding, Whilst i was at Time Warner i picked up a new modem for the new place so we could access the internet-well the modem was a well used and thrown about piece of crap and of course when i got home it would not work and after an hour with tech support they confirmed it was faulty-back to TW which is a 20 mile round trip and now we have internet-no apologies either, The phone will not be on for over a week either, Anyways the feeders in the garden have been taken down and today i watched as the cardinals lined up on the fence and the hummingbirds were circling where the hummer feeder used to be-feel guilty? you betcha, No sign of getting the camera out yet as tomorrow the carpet guy comes and the we final walk around Thursday before we sign the house over Friday and the bank account will look very nice indeed, So next week i will have some bird feeders up here and hope that it will not take to long for our feathered friends to find it, No chance of night time foragers i wouldnt think but you never know-at least we have a ground floor pad so i may drop some bait out and see what happens, Now to start going through 200 e- mails and seeing whats what in the photography world


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  1. Glad your getting sorted Dave don't envy you at all - is that a record nine tripods?