Wednesday, 11 May 2011

To VR/I.S or not

Over the last few months i have been experimenting with the VR/Image stabiliser system on my Nikon lenses, I have read many times about whether you should turn the VR off when on a tripod or when the shutter speeds are high, When i was in Japan i shot alot of the images with the camera/lens on a tripod with the VR switched off and i was very happy with the results, i have continued to keep the VR feature turned off when the shutter speed is above 1/500 and if my set up is locked down i keep it off whatever the speed, I have always been an advocate of image stabilization but now i am starting to rethink its usage, I always have it on when hand holding but now when its tripod mounted it tends to be turned off, If you keep your VR/I.S on all the time then try turning it off and see if your images suffer or improve, I would be interested in your comments on whether you turn stabilization on or off



  1. I use a Canon 500F4 and rarely use IS. IF I do,then I make sure it has settled before taking the shot as I feel it can actually make the image less sharp otherwise.

    David Schenck

  2. Dave I always turned off the IS when on a tripod, think its just good practice even though some of the new lenses detect they are on tripods.

  3. I tend not to use it, as it apparently slows down the AF?