Sunday, 15 May 2011

Thinking out of the box-Photostiching wildlife images

When i was in California i had many occasions where i would wait patiently for a wildlife subject to do something or i would just watch and learn, One evening i was on a beach with a sleeping Sea Otter, I waited for some considerable time for it to awake and in that time it crossed my mind that i could make a very large image of it by taking multiple images and stitching them together, Agencies are always after more and more pixels and bigger files so i took 5 images in portrait mode from head to tail allowing extra at each end and i stitched them together in PTgui, A brilliant software that invisibly stitches you images together-seemless, Firstly when doing this you need to set your camera to Manual so that ALL images have the same exposure,Do not use AWB so i set mine to sunny and shoot where each image has an overlap, I shot with the D7000 and after putting the images through PTgui i ended up with a huge 227MB file (8bit Tiff), After cropping etc i still had 150MB file-twice that of a D3X, So the image could be if needed printed HUGE, If your subject is very still then this is a cheap and excellent way of getting big files from a cheaper camera
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  1. A good read Dave. I only ever thought of stitching for landscapes before this.
    for anyone who wants to see a set of 360 stitched shots of the japanese tsunami..