Monday 16 May 2011

Mini Trip Report Pt 6 - RSPB Minsmere - Grey Heron

Grey Herons are one of those common birds that I have never really spent a huge amount of time photographing.  Almost prehistoric looking in appearance and flight, they are extremely graceful and wonderful to watch, but because they are relatively common I have too often overlooked them in the past.

Well in the final part from my short trip to Minsmere at the end of last month, here are a few photographs of some in different forms for you.

 Just coming into land and it has swept its legs forward and out of sight

Nice to see in amongst and over the reed bed.



  1. Hi Martin, Some nice shots of a bird that always flies the other way from me!! Out of interest I know from reading the blog that you and Dave use Capture One and I was wondering if either of you have tried there revised Media Pro and if so what are your thoughts. Particularly compared to Lightroom etc. I've downloaded the trial version and the colours definitely seem more natural/correct compared to Lightroom. Thanks
    Neil Kristiansen

  2. Hi Neil,

    I am not familiar with Media Pro so cannot offer you any views on that. With Lightroom, I tend to agree with you. I have never had good results with LR2 or versions of Adobe Camera Raw until the version in CS5. When I trialled LR 3 that was a marked improvement over LR2. But I tend to stick with what I know and love and have been using C1 since I started shooting in RAW many years ago, and am very happy to stick with this great software, even though it adds to the workflow.