Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Think outside the box

I am going through my California images and one came to mind, I spent some time shooting American Coots, Differing from the Euro coot by the bump on the head although they still have that 'fight at every opportunity' mentality, Now how many Coot images do you think agencies have on the books-right, thousands, So although i wanted to improve on what i had on file which to be honest wasnt a lot i also wanted to submit images that were different from the norm but usable to publishers, Now i would guess that this images would be slated if i put it up on a forum due to the unusual composition but think like a publisher and you will see that it makes sense, The bird only takes up half the image allowing for text etc but also the bird is a good size in the frame and as always needed nice and sharp, If you are going to submit to agencies and are offering a common subject then make sure that you submit some original material or it will all go in the bin

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