Monday, 9 May 2011

Lets talk-Health and summer

Well summer is well and truly here-how do i know? is it the birds singing or the new green leaves on the trees? nope its the tic that was buried deep in my thigh, First of the year and i am sure there will be plenty more, NC seems a pretty bad place for these parasites, Last year i was ill for some time with Rocky Mountain spotted fever and i dont want to go through that again, I have tic removers for my dog and they work just as well on humans and only cost a couple of dollars from a vets-well worth having at home just in case, Do not just try to pull them out as that will leave the head in and then you get all kinds of infections-be warned
The pond that i made is now full of tadpoles as well as other types of larvae and has pond skaters and various beetles in and around it-water is THE best addition that you can make to your garden to attract wildlife although out here it may attract snakes so you do have to be careful
The bird box has done well this year with 2 lots of blue birds fledged already, We watched last week as the busy parents went back and forth with beaks full of fly's and bugs and watched as they left the box with fecal sacs to keep the nest clean,
The Ruby throated hummingbirds have started to come back so i have a feeder out and over the weekend we had a few appearances so i can start to get things ready for the coming weeks, I dabbled last year but in truth it was just too hot to stay out, This year i will make some kind of shade to help me from frying.
After great trips like Japan and California it can be hard to get enough enthusiasm to go back to shooting the same ol same ol and i must admit i do suffer from that so i need to get my head together and get a project going, The hummingbirds will be the first and then the fox's which come into my garden most nights, I was sitting out side last night with my wife and a neighbor having a shandy or 2 when i turned around and the fox was there eating some food i had put out, I was amazed as they are so shy, 2 deer turned up as well and we watched for the 5-10 minutes that they were there-a special moment
We had a new arrival in out garden in the form of a yellow throat male-beautiful and i hope that he stays around for a time for me to get some shots in,
We planted some vegetables in pots yesterday, Last year that attracted all kinds of bugs from affids to hornworm as well as giving us some fresh veg as an added bonus
When i was in California i stupidly dragged a load of oil over my D3s sensor when using the Arctic Butterfly so i cleaned it over the weekend with eclipse fluid and some Visible dust swabs so now its as good as new and will save some time behind the PC when processing, The built in senor cleaner certainly help, the D3 was a nightmare for dust but i do not think that they work on the Full Frame senors as well as they do on cropped senors for some reason, The D300 was always clean and the D7000 is also good but the D3s always seems to have a couple of spots on it


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