Monday, 23 May 2011

Food Raider PT2

The weekend had flown by, The weather has finally agreed that its summer and 90 degrees and blue skies were the order of the day, It was a very busy weekend for me but i did manage to get a few shots in, I had carried on watching the Raccoon raiding my feeders on both Friday and Saturday night, I had made a few adjustments to the set up to try and get the feeder pole out of the shot, This done i then decided to wait and watch and see how the Raccoon chose to feed-what side and position, After a couple of nights it was obvious that it liked to sit on the left and side so last night i set up again as before-D3s with 200-400 and 2 SB600 flashguns either side of the raccoon, I had a soft-box on the left one but the right one was au naturel, I increased the output from the flashguns as last time they were about 1/2 stop or so dark, 8.20pm and the first raccoon shows and feeds on the dog food left for the fox and then goes, 8.45pm and the fox shows and has a sniff around where the food was and goes, the all quiet until 10-45pm when a raccoon enters the garden and has a sniff around and then comes over and climbs up on the fence and starts to feed on the bird seed, I give it a minute to settle before taking a shot, I had decided to shoot in landscape mode this time and remember last time how far the raccoons tail hung down but once it was totally settled i knew i had not left enough room below, I think i will need to set up a hide and do this properly, The raccoons have no problems at all with flash and do not react in any way to them which is great so you can get in 20+ shots easily before they decide to leave
The raccoon started off feeding with a long stretch and was probably the best shot of the night

100% crop showing some determination
I am pleased to announce that we will have a guest blogger on Wednesday


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