Friday, 20 May 2011

Day Trip - Butterfly Site, Prestbury Hill, Gloucestershire

As I write this blog on Thursday evening for Fridays post, the Swifts are flashing by my window, screaming as they chase each other.  Wonderful sight.

Last week, Jac and I went down to a site in Gloucestershire that is managed by the Butterfly Conservation site.  The forecast wasn't brilliant and being a south west facing hill was exposed to the strong breeze.  This made getting top quality images difficult and I was happy enough under the circumstances to get some record images of a few species that I had not seen before.

Given the conditions, all these images are handheld, and as such in a number of cases the depth of field has suffered with not enough as I tried to make sure I had a fast enough shutter speed.

 An early 5 Spot Burnet

 Brown Argus

 Tatty Duke of Burgundy

 Same again on a cow pat......nice!

 Green Hairstreak

 Common Forester Moth

 Peppered Moth

 Mother Shipton Moth

 Small Blue (f)

 Small Blue (m)

 Small Heath

Wood Tiger Moth

The new  butterfly species for me were Brown Argus, Duke of Burgundy and Small Blue.  I shall get back to this site when the weather is a little kinder and see if I can get some better images.


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