Saturday, 28 May 2011

Saturday Quickie - Supporting Wildlife Conservation

Here's a bargain that you might want to take up if you are into butterflies and moths.   Butterfly Conservation have got a half price membership offer on until the end of May, so you have got a few days left to grab a good offer.  Check out the link and have a look.  You will also find your nearest area branch from the site as well.  Not just covering butterflies but moths as well.  We are already members of the WWT, RSPB and the Wildlife Trusts and it can get a bit expensive to support so many, but with the offer I thought it was worth it.

While we are on the subject of butterflies, it has been a sparse time recently for them in the garden here.  With a run of much cooler and windy weather, pus the very hot early spell in April, we are not seeing anywhere near as many at the moment.  It is the same with damselflies too.

I set my moth trap last night and grabbed a few new species for the garden so I will get round to processing them and share with you soon, along with an interesting caterpillar that is busy eating one of Jacqui's plants.

Enjoy your weekend, and make the most of the bank holiday on Monday if you are in the UK.


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