Tuesday, 31 May 2011


It was a nice long holiday weekend here in the States and that coincided with my Birthday so we managed a couple of party's and not a lot else, I had hopes of getting the kayak out yesterday but although the swelling on my foot has gone down the toe is still quite painful but getting better by the day, I decided to give it a rest and hope to be back to 100% by the end of this week, The weekend was very hot with temperatures not far off of 100, Today it was above 85 and climbing by 9am so it looks like the extreme temperatures are here to stay for a while, I did try to shoot some dragonflies around the pond yesterday afternoon but squatting down just aggravated my foot so i gave up, I had hundreds of birthday e mails so thank you for everybody who sent their best, I did get asked a question about sensor cleaning over the weekend and it is probably THE most common question asked on any forum, I use a blower first-a good one with a valve like a this, This will remove most dust particles, If there are still some left i use an Arctic Butterfly, Mine does not have the lights but they are a very god idea, If you have oil spots on your sensor then using a butterfly will just give you smears and you will need to do a wet clean, For this i use swabs by visible dust and visible dust solution, You may to give it a few swipes to get it perfectly clean so do not panic if its not clean after using the first swab, The last clean i gave mine took 4 swabs-cropped sensors are a lot easier to clean than a full frame


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