Sunday 29 May 2011

Pleasure and Pain

Its my birthday tomorrow and last year my wife bought me a kayak, Well the kayak has been sitting on the wall untouched and unused much to my shame, I wanted one to get near the osprey and heron nests out in the middle of a large local lake, So last Thursday afternoon we went down and gave it its maiden voyage, Its was a nice hot day with a good breeze, I shot around the bay where the herons and ospreys are still nesting and came back full of plans-Great, I even took my dog Alfie out for a spin in it, The next morning i awoke to a very painful and swollen big toe on  my left foot, I have no recollection of being stung or bitten but it was really sore, We went out shopping for food etc for the annual birthday party and i really struggled hobbling around all the stores, The next day-Saturday the food was now swollen-not just the toe and the toe was so swollen that it felt like it could burst so off to urgent care for a check up before it got too bad, The doctor said he thought it was a sting or bite and re-leaved me of $140 plus a prescription, So after a few tablets and a hot towel wrapped around my foot the swelling started to go down and today the foot is back to its old self but the big toe is still sore but feeling better than the day before, I think i may have stood on sonething at the area where we put the kayak in the water and from now on i will wear something on my feet-a lesson learned
So for my birthday i am now a 3TB Western Digital Caviar Green hard drive better off as my 2TB are filling fast

 All images taken by my wife Marian


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