Saturday, 7 May 2011

Monterey Bay

There can be few nicer places to visit and photograph in the spring than Monterey and the bay area, There is a huge variety of wildlife from Sea Lions, Harbour Seals, Sea Otter and an amazing amount of bird life,add to that stunning landscapes and possible trips out to see whales etc and it becomes a wildlife/nature lovers paradise, Monterey is about 2 hours south of San Francisco by car, Straight down highway 101 or the more picturesque coastal Highway one, I have been many times over the last few years but spring is special due to the flowers that line the beaches and can be seen from miles away-stunning, Monterey itself is a big tourist attraction and worth doing the touristy bits along cannery row where you can find the amazing Aquarium-to me its the best one in the world and although not cheap to enter its worth every penny and your jaw is guaranteed to drop, It even has a beach inside where you can see and shoot a variety if waders-amazing, Moving South from Monterey you go through Clint Eastwood country-Carmel and then on to the Big Sur, If you like rugged coastline then this is the place for you

Surfing is very popular along this stretch of coastline

Wild flowers along the coast at Pacific Grove

Brewers Blackbird shot here at sun down

Rugged Coast line from Monterey all the way up and through the Big Sur
Ground Squirrel are everywhere
The Famous Cannery Row now a tourist destination for food and the Aquarium
Behind Cannery Row looking up at the Aquarium -last building and a good place to see sea otters

Monterey and the bay area are good all year but in spring its fantastic and if you dive then you will be in heaven



  1. Where are all these pretty pink flowers at in Pacific Grove? We are going to Monterey this weekend and really hope to see these. Where about would we get on the trail to see this sight?

  2. Yes they were, Pacific Grove is truly beautiful when in bloom and a lovely place to be at any time, I will be back there in August, Enjoy your time there and please report back on how it is at the moment