Friday, 6 May 2011

Late Friday Quickie

Back earlier this year, I had the pleasure of photographing Bewick Swans that were overwintering at Slimbridge in Gloucestershire.  Reading through Wildlife Extra today, I note with sadness that significant numbers of these birds are being shot at.  The full story can be found here and is worth a read.  It still beggars belief that people could shoot such majestic animals as these.  Given that these are the survivors, it makes you wonder how many do not survive their ordeal.

Meanwhile, with the long run of dry weather that we have been having in the UK, forest and other wildfires have been breaking out from either natural or arsonist causes and are found to be having a bad effect on the twite population.  Again great sadness for this lovely little bird.

Meanwhile back in Europe, this story about a Pallid Harrier, one of the rarest European birds that was shot in Malta has gone to Germany for rehabilitation.  Just how such a community within the EU remains able to get away with this persistent and ongoing shooting of anything that flies over its territory remains a sad indictment on that place.

Back next time with some more images from Minsmere


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