Saturday 1 May 2010

Woodland Images

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I said I would share some of my images from my woodland walk and talk about Bluebells.

The first three images are just a few test shot/record images from the new 7D.  I wanted to get a few shots done to test the AF on static images, along with some ordinary everyday images so I could pixel peep the results I was getting, so why not use it at the same time as a nice evening walk out in the woods.

There were plenty of bluebells coming up but they are about a week away from their best here in the Midlands.  So if you have some good Bluebells woods near you,  ours are about a week off their best, so judge your self for your own areas, if you have them, based on that.  Certainly one of the best Bluebell places in Warwickshire is advertising it's Bluebell walks for next weekend.

The Wild Primroses are at their best now, with some on the open rides going over through lack of rain.  but in the woods they are now looking beautiful.  There were a few Wood Anemones, but not many at this particular wood, but there are plenty at another location where I will get some images from this weekend.

The Yellow Archangel was also showing in one small, very dark location, so I had to resort to popping a little fill flash, which tends to make for a bit of an unbalanced exposure.  Yellow Archangel is from the nettle family, and sports these beautiful yellow flowers.

Finally this one is from the garden, known as Cuckoo Pint or Lords and Ladies.  I mentioned a few blogs back that these were coming up, and I am pleased they have survuved the lcak of rain throughout April.  The centre stem will remain and the surrunding leaves will drop away soon.  The centre stem will then bear a cluster of bright orange to red berries.

This was taken with a 5D and the Canon 180 macro.  Yes you read that right a 5D - the old one not the new one.

I have acquired one of these for a while.  I had a real hankering to get back to using full frame.  Not being able to get my hands on the 5Dmk2, I have got the use of this one for a while.  Having had a 5D and got rid of it a couple of years ago, I do miss the full frame.  Back to a measly old 12MP, it does have lovely smooth files.  Very retro in terms of the total lack of features that I am now used to with the 1Dmk111 and 7D's.  But I have to say it is still a bloody good camera.


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  1. Lovely photos and beautiful flowers. I don't know enough about the canons to form an opinion on what is good/bad/better/best, etc. :-) I shoot on an old nikon d70. :-)