Monday 3 May 2010

Pond Life pt 1 - A day late

Mayflies are supposed to turn up on the 1st of May.  Well they all popped out in the pond yesterday, 24hours late, which I will put down to the cold weather, so will forgive them.

I first noticed one today beneath the water when I was checking out the tadpoles, and then a few seconds later I saw one on the surface. 

While taking the photos, laying down in the wet clover, more and more were coming out.  They were either finding their way on to surfaces out of the water or remaining onthe water surface.

I have catalogued them today photographically as another day in the life of the pond.

This was the first hatched Mayfly I saw, climbing up the Flag Iris

This one was skating around on the surface, driven by the wind.

This one had taken refuge on a small piece of decaying log in the pond.

I liked the simplicity of this image

All of these images were taken with the 7D and Canon 180 macro, and used flash as it was so dark out there today.  Flash was either the on-board, or the on-board + 580EX that the 7D wirelessly triggered.

I am expecting to get planty more exciting images from the pond this year, so will be titling them Pond Life.  In my next installment, I will show the transition of Large Red Damselflies from the naiad or nymph stage through to the ready for take of stage.



  1. Hi Martin - have continued to follow your posts with interest. Very much like the latest pond life shots of the Mayflies.

    Also noted you went back to using an original 5D and pleased to see you enjoyed it despite its 'lack of features'

    Andy Page

  2. Agree with you Martin, 2nd and last seem to strike a chord with me - they only live for hours once emerged and these images seem to accentuate their vulnerability - any trout in your pond?

  3. Hi Andy - good to sdee you on here, and at teh Bluebell walk.

    Julian - no trout. The pond has become self stocked with whatever is in it now. I wanted a truly wild pond. It now has lots of Smooth Newts, Common frog, Common toad, Large Red Damselflies, Pond Skaters, Water Boatmen, Caddis Flies, Mosquiito, Mayflies and we watched Southern Hawker egg laying last year, oh yes and pond snails too. It is amazing how this has developed in just 18 months


  4. Martin

    The trout comment was a bit tongue in cheek - it is evident you have created a wonderfully diverse ecosystem in such a short time - your hard efforts are clearly being rewarded - highly admirable.