Wednesday 12 May 2010

Backgrounds-Birds in flight

The background to the subject is just as important as the subject itself and before pressing the shutter its important to look through the view finder and see if the background is clean and uncluttered and if needed press the DOF preview button to see exactly what the image will look like and save yourself some time when processing the image, I am processing images of birds in flight from my recent Florida trip, Some of the nicer images dont have a perfectly blue sky, They infact have some clouds in them which i feel makes the image more interesting, The shots were done one particular morning when the sky was mostly cloudy but there was a small area of blue sky with some nice cloud breaking up the solid colour, I carefully positioned myself so that i could get birds flying in and out with this as a background and didnt bother shooting other areas where the sky was white with solid cloud, The added cloud seems to give the image more depth and interest, Its worth keeping in mind the next time you are shooting birds in flight


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