Sunday 16 May 2010

In the news this week-The good and the bad

There have been a couple of articles in the forums this week that caught my eye for different reasons, Firstly another case of a so called wildlife photographer trying to bull shit his way to fame, It made a daily news paper in the UK, Its soo stupid that you cant believe the paper would fall for it or expect their customers to fall for the story, Images obviously taken at one of Montana's games farms, This is another case where it brings wildlife photographers integrity in to suspect, I have said many times here be truthful, Its the only way, Once you have been sussed as a liar and a cheat it will be game over, Its takes a long time to get a good name and just seconds to loose it
The full story here at least the dickhead involved was named

I watched a programme a couple of years ago on a small island in the middle of the pacific called Midway, Its called that as its in the middle and the nearest neighbours are 2000 miles away, Just about everything that ends up in the sea ends up on this tiny island, The problem is that its the home of many species of Albatross and they feed their young plastic thinking its food and the consequences are not pretty, Midway is now open to tourists and mainly wildlife photographers who can get very close to these wonderful birds, One guy has documented the strife that these birds are going through and the devastation that the waste/rubbish is causing, We as nature/wildlife photographers can help in these kinds of matter by documenting the destruction that humans are causing even in the remotest of places and try to bring it to the worlds attention-see here for more



  1. Completely agree with the honesty approach - its the only way.

  2. What a tw*t - currency trader and intelligent human being - proof of a major contradiction in terms - no wonder this country's in a mess - trip paid by his fat annual bonus I presume - is this trophy hunting with cameras instead of firearms - a wonderful example of a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

    Shambolic - I just hope the infopaper didn't pay for this cr*p - what a waste of wood pulp.

  3. I now note the Telegraph has carried the "story". I also note that Telegraph qualify as "controlled conditions". Also money must be involved at the 'tog is linked with Solent - an agency I guess. Times must be tough in the City.... Tw*t!!