Friday 7 May 2010

An early walk out last weekend

As regular readers know, I carry out Timed Tetrad Bird Recording visits as part of the BTO Bird Atlas work.

The last walk was the first of the Breeding Bird surveys in my local patch.  The edge of the 2km x 2km square starts a few hundred metres from my house so it is very handy.

I took the 7D, 300f4 and the 1.4EFTC over my shoulder, taking off the battery grip and tripod collar to save carrying weight on the off chance that something might present itself.

It was certainly the day of the Whitethroat - we saw about a dozen or so, along with numerous other migrant warblers.

One bird that has generally been elusive to me, photographically, has been the Yellowhammer - or at least in terms of decent quality images.

These two images are essentially grab shots, in a very cluttered environment, although to be fair, this is the sort of habitat that you will see them.   So a clean bird on a stick type image is not all representative of the environment, no matter how good they look photographically.

Don't forget this weekend will be about the best if you plan to get out and get some Bluebell images in the UK, or at least through the Midlands it is.


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