Wednesday 12 May 2010

Sunny F16

Those of us that used film will remember seeing settings within the packaging showing recommended settings, One of these was to use F16 per ISO when sunny, This rule still holds true today and is a good basis to getting a good exposure when the sun is up, How does it work well if you use ISO 100 then set your camera to 1/100@F16 etc, I tend to have my cameras set at F8 alot and either ISO 200 or 400 so i remember two settings, At ISO200  i set it at 1/800@F8 and at ISO 400 i set it to 1/1600@ F8, To break that down we start at ISO 200 with 1/200@F16 which is equal to 1/400@F11 and 1/800@F8 and the same at ISO 400 except the shutter speed doubles, So if you are out in bright sunlight and with the sun on your back then use the settings above or those that correspond to it and the exposures should be good


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