Saturday 29 May 2010

Mothing and Moth Traps

I have been getting lots of Tweets recently about National Mothing Day, and other mothing events.  I have had a couple of go's at it in the past, a few times when I was in Mull last year with a link here.

After a quick look around Ebay to see about getting a moth trap for use at home, and seeing the prices, I thought these really cannot be too difficult to make.

A good general guide to the subject can be found here.

Plans can be founds here.

The lights can be found here and here.

Living in an area where I have neighbours, a brigh light is pretty antisocial so a black actinic light is the best bet.

So welcome to another project that is about to start - I will keep you up to speed.

If you haven't the inclination to make your own, here is a link to buy one, and the best book tat you can get to help with the identifications.


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