Saturday 1 May 2010

Frog Blog Pt 8 - We have legs

Well after the thousands of tadpoles escaped their spawn and spent quite a while together resting and warming in the shallows, they quickly disappeared.  Now they have either been heavily predated or they have gone to the safety of the depths of the pond.  Having watched the pond a lot recently, I believe they have gone to the depths.  Frequent rises to the surface to breathe makes me think this.  It was while looking at one doing this on Thursday night, I noticed that the back legs have started to appear.  So we are on to the next step of the evolution towards 'frogdom'

Meanwhile, the Smooth Newts are now very active, particularly the one I call 'Patch'.  He is a large male, in beautiful breeding colours with his crested mane showing well.  He has a small very light patch over his left eye, so is eadily identifiable.  He is always courting the ladies at the moment, generally with one or two of last years young watching on - learning tips maybe?

Friday saw the arrival of the first Damselfly in the garden. A male Large red Pyrrhosoma nymphula.  This is the earliest I have seen one  that I can remember, and sent my recording to the British Dragonfly Society, where it seems many are being recorded now.

Not a brilliant shot, but a record of the first one of the year (New 7D and Canon 180 macro)


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