Friday 21 May 2010

Pond Life Part 3 - Mating and New Arrivals

I recieved at text while I was at work yesterday telling me that the Large Red Damselflies were now mating.  'Get some shots then please' I said.

So with that Jac set about getting a few images that I have borrowed here with her permission.

Full frame, no crop, Canon 7D and Canon 180 f3.5L macro

Messy background, but an intersting balancing act over the Lilly Pads

Apparently, just a few minutes after this shot was taken, a male Smooth Newt grabbed the female, the lower Damselfly, dragged it under water and eat it.  Nature is cruel.  There were just a pair of gossamer wings left on the pond surface when I got home.

Yesterday was really hot here in Warwickshire and we got up to about 24 deg C.  This has resulted in the next species of damsel now emerging.  The Blues are now making there appearance, and here is a freshly emerged one, shot contra jour, yet to develop its full colour.

These flies were emerging and flying away very quickly.  The heat has made a big difference to them when comapred to the Large Reds.

While I am writing, I can give early notice of our next guest photographer, Chris Jones.  Chris's slot will be published next Thursday 29th May, so make sure you drop by.  It is a great blogpost.


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