Wednesday 26 May 2010

Lets Talk-Plans

I like to plan ahead-way ahead and have projects that i can work on over long periods, Last year we had lots of butterflies in and around the garden so i went and purchased some Buddleia or butterfly bushes and put them in the garden ready for this year, they are very colourful when they bloom and as the name inplies they attract butterflies of all kinds, When i was shooting the oppusums earlier this year i had lots of time to think whilst sitting in the hide and i thought that images of Opposum and fox would also look nice under the Buddleia bush so i have started to bait around them and i have already seen the fox eating the small bits of dog food, Although the bush hasnt bloomed yet i will soon be putting the hide up and taking some test shots so that when the time is right the animals will be relaxed with the flashguns, The butterflies have started to arrive and last week i managed a few images although the swallowtails were a bit scruffy, Hopefully it will be a good year for butterflies and bugs, I watched a couple of hummingbirds around the garden feeders last year and they should be here any time soon so a feeder has already gone up and i really hope to get some high speed flash in over the next couple of months, I will soon set up a test rig so that when the hummers are ready so am i, Foward planning is very important if you want good consistent results,
The Carolina Nature Photographer Association Exhibition starts next week at the Holly Springs Convention Centre and as i mentioned before i have 3 images in the exhibit, The images look great framed and i have decided to have my own exhibition in the near future, I ordered some 'mats' last week for the frames and they arrived to day and as soon as i sort where and when, i can get the frames and images printed, Its something i have always wanted to do and this year it will happen
The later part of the year is already starting to look busy with a trip to California for sea otters etc and the Smokey Mountains for the fall colours, Straight after Xmas i am back to the Outer Banks and New Jersey for winter birds then Florida for Manatees before going to Japan in Feb 2011 so a tonne of planning and research to make all the trips successful
The more that you plan the more successful that you will be in your photography especially if you have a long term project a head of you


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