Thursday 20 May 2010

Processing-Capture One

Well its been a wet and dreary week here in NC, But its given me time to get some images processed and have a play with Capture One, I have spent a few hours watching the tutorials and they are very good as is the software-No i take that back-Its excellent, Probably THE best RAW processing software i have used-Ever, The colours are really lovely and the images once processed have such a nice quality to them, If you need to bring a shadow area up a notch or 2 like under a birds wing  its all done smoothly and grain/artefact free, I love the way you can process one image and at the click of a button do a batch, This is especially good when dust spotting, The D3 is a dust magnet and its not until you use one of the cameras with a sensor cleaner on there that you realise just how effective they are, Its the main reason that i keep looking at a D3s, So just bring an image up and at 100% view go along and mark all the places with dust then with one click delete the lot-Then bring all the images up for that day shot with the same camera and with one click they are all done as well-this used to take me hours, For anybody who has not used C1 yet i suggest downloading the free months trial, Having a look at the tutorials and having a play, You will see a difference over your images processed in other RAW converters, Normally you have to use software for a while to see any benefits but i could see them from the word go with C1-Cant recommend it highly enough, I know Martin had mentioned that he also uses C1 but its worth a repeat
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