Sunday 30 May 2010

Happy Birthday to me

Another year has shot by and today i am another year older-and feel it as i am still under the weather but we have a big BBQ today to celebrate so will have lots of medicine (drink) to make me feel better, So you know that i now have a kayak (still unused) as the weather has been either crap or i have been ill but what you dont know is that i now have a Nikon D3s on order, It should have been here yesterday but Amazon messed me around abit and it missed the shipping date and as its a holiday weekend here in the USA it wont be with me until Wednesday, Now i have ummed and arred over a D3s ever since they came out and nearly got one about 3 months ago but couldn't really justify getting one over the D3 that i already have, But i do hate not having a sensor cleaner and the D3 is a dust magnet, I used live view alot when i had Canon as i set the exposure using the live histogram, With the D3 is not the one touch that it was on the Canon so i went back to my old ways but the D3s has a dedicated live view button so i can once again set the exposure without having to take a test shot, Another feature i loved on the Canon 1D3 was the silent mode and this was a big advantage when shooting foxes and other shy animals, The D3s now has this excellent and i am sure under used feature and of course it now has 720p video, Not that i can see myself using it much but may take the old bit of video when shooting the Manatees again early next year, I will sell the D3 more or less straight away but will do some side to side shots to see how the grain stacks up at various ISO settings, From what i have read its about the same up to ISO 1600 and then the D3s steps up a gear and is in a class of its own, I dont really shoot above ISO 1600 on the D3 as i see that as the limit that i feel agencies will accept but if i can shoot at 1 stop higher and get the same IQ it will be great and a real benefit, So there you are i have justified it well at least to myself, The D3 has been fantastic and i will miss it-certainly THE best camera i have ever owned, What a great birthday its turned out to be


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