Wednesday 23 September 2009

Trip Report - Mothing at Monkwood, Worcestershire, Part 2

Following on from Part 1 of this trip, I promised that I would come back and post some of the butterfly images that I took. Well having had a look through the moth images, I have opted for a change of plan and share some more with you.

Butterflies will be in Part 3 to come.

The first few images are all of a moth species known as The Sallow. There are however many subspecies of this moth, and I will look forward to some feedback from Chris Betts on these who has asked me for them.

The final image was a bit of a challenge,due to the dark nature of the moth, but a large white reflector, a 30 inch Lastolite bottletop, helped to get some light into the scene.

The Sallow

The Sallow

The Sallow

Black Rustic

Well part three really will be butterflies, and I am pretty pleased with a couple of them, as they are species that I have not got any decent images of this year. Not rare species, but pleasing nevertheless.


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