Tuesday 8 September 2009

Lets Talk-A year in

Doesn't time fly, Last week we celebrated 1 year living in the States, Settling in to a new country takes time as well as finding your way around and likely photography sites, I have covered North Carolina from the beaches to the centre and up into the Smokie mountains, I have also shot in South Carolina,Tennesse and Colorado and shot birds from Hummingbirds to Hawks, Mammals from Bears to Beaver and reptiles and insects from Black widow spiders to Northern water snakes, The weather has been great-too hot really but we had some good snow in the winter which i love to shoot in, When we first moved over i instantly ordered a tonne of Nikon gear and over the year have steadily added to it, I have a new 70-200 VR on order and hope to have that before xmas and that will pretty much complete my lenses having the 14-24,27-70,70-200,200-400 and 600 plus extenders so covered for all eventualities, The Nikon gear has been great-truly great, I have never had such sharp images, The D300 has been brilliant for birds in flight and the D3 has to be the most versatile camera body available today, It was a good move getting a full frame and a cropped sensor-each have their place, The D3 for when i need to up the ISO and the D300 if i need some extra reach, I will be the first to admit that i have not used flash enough in the past but i use it alot now-mainly for fill in, The Nikon SB900 i find easy to use and very accurate, I know some people have had problems with it over heating but i havent suffered that fate-yet, I have used it for birds,community days and even a baby shower so the kit offers a lot of diversity, I have a week next month in the smokies where i hope to get some more landscapes in-the trees will be turning there so i hope i get lucky with all the colours, I am also after some good white tailed deer shots and know exactly where to go for those, I have a few days in New York as well next month so apart from a trip to B+H i will try to get some bird shots in, In the winter i will be back to the coast for all the snow geese and tundra swans as well as a bear or 2, So to sum it up its been a pretty good year, Lots of new gear, a new house, car and nice people and the amount of rainy days that you can count on your fingers, I haven't managed any grey fox images yet but i have a couple of sites to check out and they will be a priority come next spring


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