Thursday 3 September 2009

Looking Ahead - Fungi Season

OK today is a 7D free day - I am bored of it now!! :-)

So September is here already and as I look back at the year it really has flown by. The last three months have been a bit of a blur as I have been far too engrossed in decorating the house, but the end of that is is in sight, thank goodness.

So my thoughts can once again turn to getting out with my camera.

The fungi season is around the corner, as you will have seen from Dave's post last week on perspective.

Fungi is a great subject and half the fun is trying to identify what you have taken. One of the great resources that one of the EOS Magazine forum members alerted me to a couple of years ago is Roger's Mushrooms. It is a fantastic site with a great guide with visual and descriptive clues to help you identify your subjects.

He has also written a great book, see link below, that is worth having on your bookshelf.

Fungi has really got to be the easiest of all the natural history subjects to photograph. Why? Well it doesn't run or fly off, you can get right up to it, it won't bite you, and it doesn't tend to flap about about in the breeze. The biggest challenge of course is getting the right light conditions, but again with reflectors, tin foil etc. you can manage that too.

Take care if you are out and about though, and it is worth going out in at least two's from a safety/security perspective. And if you are laying down in the leaf mould, don't suddenly get up when the dog walkers appear, you will probably scare them witless.

Happy Fungi Forays


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