Saturday 5 September 2009

Views - What kind of photographer - Part 1?

Just a short philosophical blog post today.

So are you a photographer that likes to shoot wildlife (photographically speaking), or are you interested in wildlife that likes to photograph it?

Why does it matter?

Well it doesn't really, at least not to me.

However, where things can come unstuck for the former category is when one goes blindly trying to capture some images without consideration for the welfare of the subject.

We have said many times through this blog that the welfare of the subject always comes first, and will continue with that mantra.

The other area of course for the former is that identification and understanding of behaviour can be difficult, but of course it can be learned. There are so many books and web resources, far too many to name here that lack of ID for the overwhelming majority of stuff can be done by a bit of self research.

I guess I was probably a bit of both. I loved my wildlife, and I liked photograph, but until I could afford some half decent kit, I tended to watch wildlife and photograph other things.

OK - as I said just a short one today. But would be good to hear a bit of feedback with your views, and we know that there are lots of you these days, looking at the analytics.

In part 2 that I will do next week, I will delve a bit more into types of wildlife photographer. I will look at rent a hide, rent a guide and DIY.


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  1. I'm a bit of both. Still need some more good guides for identifying things, especially flowers, plants and insects. LOL. But I love wildlife and nature and have interest in photography. It is really just the last year I have blended the two.

    Nice post and thank you for making the point about the welfare of the animals. This is especially true with nesting birds. There is much info on the web about protecting your photo subject.