Saturday 26 September 2009

Lens Cleaning

Keeping the front element of your lens clean is very important if you want to get the best image quality from it, Its amazing how much dust and water droplets get on the lens even when you have a hood fitted, There are various methods that you can use but i do it the way i have for many years, I use lens cleaning fluid and lens tissues,These are available from all camera shops and are not expensive, First use a blower to get any 'big' loose pieces of debris off the lens, Then tear one piece of lens tissue out of the small 'book', Lightly scrunch the tissue and put 2 drops of the cleaning fluid on the tissue, Starting at the lens centre work out from the centre to the lens edge in an ever increasing circle, Once this is done quickly tear another tissue out and in the same fashion but dry, start at the centre and work out to the edges, You may need to use 2 dry tissues to get rid of all the fluid, You have to work quickly before the fluid dries, Once this is done the lens element should be as clean as new but now if you want you can breathe on the lens and polish it with a soft lens cloth-use this method for your lens elements,filters and extenders but NEVER put the drops directly into the lens element-always onto the tissue in case the fluid runs to the edge and somehow gets inside the lens-better safe than sorry


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