Tuesday 29 September 2009

News - Call for entries to 35th Smethwick International Exhibition

Just a quick plug tonight for the International Exhibition at Smethwick - the 35th - so it is as you can see well established.

Smethwick is now my sole photographic club interest - and I am proud to be able to see other work there and share my own.

As what is probably the largest club in the UK and certainly the Midlands, there is a positive goldmine of knowledge and skill there.

I can recommend entry to this benchmark exhibition, and the system is so easy for all of our overseas readers and distant UK readers too - it is all on-line, so send your entries, even your digitally projected ones via the system - it really is very easy.

Let us know through here if you plan to so I can look out for your work when it is successfully accepted

Good luck


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