Monday 28 September 2009

Deer and The Rut

Its that time of year again when forums start to fill up with images of Red Deer Rutting-Seeing the clashing of antlers as these huge creatures go into battle is a sight to behold, Of course you don't need to go up to the wilds of Scotland to get good images, Britain has many 'deer parks' like Richmond and Bushy near London and Bradgate in the midlands but there are many smaller parks dotted around the country as well as stately homes that have deer of various kinds in the grounds, A good size lens-300mm+ is the order of the day to get a good close up and not get in the way when they go into battle but don't forget a smaller lens for the habitat shots as well to tell the whole story, Europe has a few species of deer and they rut at different times-see below for a rough guide

Red Deer-Sept to Oct
Roe Deer-August
Fallow Deer-Oct
Sika Deer-Sept-Nov

Here in North Carolina the White-tailed deer should start soon and i am off to the Smokey's mid Oct in the hope to getting some action


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