Thursday 17 September 2009

A few random ramblings

Last week I received an interesting private message from a member from the EOS Magazine forum, and also reader of this blog.

He said this to me

" I am assuming from what I have seen on your blog and on various forums that you are the type of person who has a library of photographic and bird books . I am, as they say, downsizing. I have a couple of books that would intrigue you, you might have seen them or even have copies.

They are:

Birds in Action by Eric Hosking and Cyril Newberry. Published in 1949


Bird Photography as a Hobby by Eric Hosking and Cyril Newberry. Published in 1961

You are most welcome to have them"

Well I was gob-smacked by this kind offer and I said yes straight away.

I have had a quick look through them and they really are classics of their time. The photography is intriguing and fascinating, and incredible for the technology that was available at the time

I need to do a more thorough review of these books and would like, with the indulgence of Dave, my blog buddy make this our 300th post, as I think a landmark post always deserves an extra special subject.

So a massive thanks to Stan Castle - I never cease to be amazed at the kindness and generosity of people.


Many of you will have seen me promote the good work of Birdguides. I receive the email alerts of sightings in my area. This is a great time of the year as we get into various migration patterns with all sorts of rarities turning up. It is fascinating to see what is being sighted near you - so if you haven't already, I can recommend signing up to a fairly basic package and finding out what is happening.


I mentioned here a couple of weeks back that National Moth Night is coming up, as supported by the Butterfly Conservation group. All being well, I will be on a field trip with some other folk from the Smethwick Photo Society Nature Group this weekend, so with a bit of luck I can bring you some moth images - a proper first for me. More work with the 180 macro lens.


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