Wednesday 30 September 2009

Photographer or Videographer

Camera manufactures are now incorporating Video into Dslr camera bodies, Its something that can only be seen as a selling point as i don't know any photographer that has actually said that they wanted it before it happened, Once one camera gets it they will all get it at some point, As if processing wasn't laborious enough to think of then having to edit video-I don't think so-Not for me-well at the moment anyways, The other problem that will come about for people who run works shops for photographers are questions on video-you will need to learn how to use it even if you don't use it-if a camera has a function you will get asked about it on a workshop-what a pain, I looked at buying a camera for my wife and said to her maybe get one of the new ones with video-then i thought to myself-hold on i don't use video now so why would i want to start, I can see myself in the near future sat in a dark room with 12 others all sitting in a circle,my name will be called and i will stand up and say out loud ''my name is David Courtenay i am a still photographer and then in an embarassed tone quietly say ''i don't do video'' everybody in the room will clap and the next person will get up and do the same, This is something i feel is being forced upon us, Live view was something that i could see the benefits of to a stills photographer but Video is a totally separate genre, I have enough kit to carry around let alone carry a dead cat etc, Forums/blogs are all becoming video orientated-fuck off to a video forum if you don't want to talk photography, Canon seem to have grasped the best quality video in a Dslr before they have even put a decent AF in a Dslr whereas Nikon have sorted the AF and seem to have added half heartedly a pretty naff 720 video, What do i want? a camera that takes great video but not the best stills or a camera that takes great stills with a naff video-Nikon leads the way as far as i can see at the moment for 'proper' photographers-get the camera working properly before you add video,surely that's what a cameras main use will be-was that another rant?maybe, Maybe its like when there was the film against Digital debate all those years ago, I was a film user until the 20D came out and now wouldn't want to go back, The difference is that film or digital are both stills-photography not videography


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