Tuesday 15 September 2009

What kind of photographer are you? - Part 2

Just over a week ago, I posed the question What kind of photographer are you?

In this instalment, I will cover the options I mentioned - Rent a guide, rent a hide or DIY.

Rent a guide is easy enough - Google is your friend here as are the many photography magazines. Outdoor Photographer is full of small ads at the back with individuals offering their services.

Typically her,e you can hire their services to take you to sites that they know of, which may well be publicly available sites, so you are paying for their knowledge, or they may have access to private sites, in which case you are paying for that privilege. Either way, they will basically do your fieldcraft for you, and probably advise you on set up as well.

This type of service may be of use if you are passing through an area and have very limited time, or haven't been able to get your own research completed ahead of your trip.

Rent a hide is a term I plagiarised from Mike Lane, our last Guest Photographer , who wrote a very good article for the Spring 2008 edition of The Iris, the in house magazine of The Royal Photographic Society Nature Group.

Again here Google is your friend, with a few key words around the subject you are interested in.

Scandinavia seems to be a great place to go, if your pockets are deep enough, where you can get access to hides for Golden Eagle, Osprey, boats for White Tailed Sea Eagles, Common Cranes, Brown Bear and many other species, such as Capercaillie and Goshawk - all the rare protected species essentially.

There is a sort of combination of the two, I suppose, where you end up going on holiday with your guide and getting the hide and the guide in one.

He will probably even take the pictures for you to save you getting up I suppose too (that was a joke by the way)

Finally, there is DIY. Do it yourself.

It is all down to you - the planning, the logistics, the travel, the research, finding the subjects, and getting access.

It takes longer, you may well not end up with anything, but then you can blame yourself for that.

But you can guarantee that the results will be all yours.

I am not going to air my judgements on what is best or appropriate - that is for the reader to make up their own mind.

I could have made this a much longer article, setting out all sorts of links to hides, guides, photo tourist sites and done it all for you - but maybe you should do that yourself.


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