Friday 11 September 2009

Local Patch - Back in the Garden

Having had a couple of half days off this week, I found a little bit of time in between jobs to get a few photos taken at last. Having seen Common Darter, a male this time, and a female Southern Hawker this afternoon, thought it was time to dust off the camera.

The Hawker was great to watch, as she was busy egg laying all over the small log in the image. She even landed on my shoe as I sat cross legged by the pond, and tried to lay some on there too. It was great to see the compound eyes at such close quarters, and see the transparent outer layer.

Both of these are first in the garden, so again I am pleased with the work I put in last year digging out the pond.

I even had a few frogs pop up and say hello while watching too.

Common Darter (male)

Southern Hawker egg laying (female)

All shot with Canon 1Dmk3, plus Canon 180f3.5L macro. 580 EX flash for fill on the second image


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