Monday 14 September 2009

Time in the field

Today i was up early and down at the lake before sunrise, I set up in my usual Kingfisher spot but didn't really expect to get anything-why? well the sun rises behind me but the lake is surrounded by tall conifers, My side of the lake doesn't get any sun until after noon, I have yet to see the KF on my side of the lake in the early hours and i guess that's because its easier for the bird to see through water with light on it rather than in shadow-I was right, The KF was around all morning and never once came near me but was pretty much always in view, This was not a waste of my time as i spend alot of time observing my chosen subject-learning its habits and in the case of the KF when and where it likes to perch and fish, Over a period of time you can put together all the info that you have gathered over the weeks/months and then really get to grips with the shooting-where it comes as a matter of fact rather than hoping, I have done this with various subjects like badgers,fox,swans and grebes and all have ended up with a nice portfolio of each subject-project fashion-find a subject and work hard on it until you have all the material you need or carry it over to another year if your subject migrates/hibernates-Time in the field is very important if you want to be consistent


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