Thursday 24 September 2009

Rant-After sales service

I always say that a company is only as good as its after sales service, Unfortunately we normally only find out how good that is when something goes wrong, Well after the Canon 1D3 debacle i lost all faith in both Canon and its products, if you don't have confidence in your camera gear then your photography as a whole will suffer, Canon didn't take me seriously when i said i had a lot of money to spend on new gear so i went to Nikon, I am really glad i did as their products are excellent if not a little expensive and the one time i had a problem with my D3 they acted in a quick,efficient and professional manner and it was all dealt with with no stress to myself, The last couple of months i have had problems with my sofas,washing machine and home theatre, The sofa was re stuffed and was ok for a month or so but i still wasn't happy with it so the other day i received a call to say that they will replace both sofas (which are 10 months old) without question-great customer service from Haverty's, A place where i have spent a lot of money and will continue to buy my furniture from as i know if there is a problem it will be dealt with, Sears fixed my washing machine without problems and within a couple of days of a phone call, When i moved over here i had to buy all new electrical goods so i purchased a TV,DVD and home theatre surround system made by Samsung-a huge company that i thought would sort any problems out professionally if i needed it-WRONG, the surround sound system went tits up 2 months ago-under warranty, I sent the amp back and was told that it wouldn't be repaired but replaced-great I thought, I was told I would get a call back and somebody would discuss my option-2 weeks later and no call so I called them and was told that they needed the speakers back which I did,No calls and no box on the doorstep-6 weeks later and about 15-20 calls I cannot get any body to tell me what's going on, I was told it had been sent and would be with me within 10 days,15 days later and I am again told its not been sent -but-will be, every time somebody will call me back but doesn't, You can never speak to the same person so every time you have to go through the same story-very frustrating, You cant speak to a supervisor-you have to book a call and somebody will call you within 24-48 hours-They don't, i am sick of the situation-they have my money and they have my kit-i now have nothing and cannot get an answer of when i will receive it, I asked for my money back but was told that would take weeks-for a huge company they have THE worst after sales service i have EVER known-What's all this got to do with photography-well Samsung do sell cameras- so based on my experience I will not be buying anything from them again. Its not worth the hassle


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