Sunday 27 September 2009

Rambling on a Sunday

Ooops - it's late on Sunday and I nearly forgot it was my turn to post.

Things were going pretty well today - a great chill out Sunday plus some work in the garden. Mum arrived with the drain rods that I needed a month or two ago, so thought I might as well have a look in the inspection chamber. So the next two hours were spent cleaning out foul drains with rods that were just too short!! But I got there eventually. A great way to spend two hours relaxing!!!

So anyway, thought I would just put a few random rambles on the blog today, rounding up some of the sightings for the week.

I spent five days at a hotel this last week on an Environmental Management course with my job. It was great to see four local Buzzards at very close quarters, as well as I guess what will be the last House Martin sightings. They were about twenty flying round stocking up their body reserves on insects before their long migration south which I guess they will be on any day now.

Although maybe the local wildlife is not quite sure what season it is at the moment. I saw a large flock of Redwings yesterday while in the North Cotswold's - seem early, followed by fifteen or so Swallows still on the wires while I was out running nearby.

So is it summer or autumn yet?

The Long tail tits are still making regular appearances in the garden - I just have to work out a strategy of how to get some clean images of them.

Finally, we passed through the 300 post mark this week, and looking at the stats I can tell you that they are as follows:

18,437 visits.

4,371 unique visitors

32,159 page views

67 countries (good to see the World Atlas is slowly turning more green than white)

UK, USA, Switzerland, France and Netherlands in top 5 country order

44.56% of you use Internet Explorer v 40.29% using Firefox, with Safari at 12.83% and Chrome in at 1.9%

So many thanks to each and everyone of you that have taken out the time to drop by.

Equally many thanks to those of you who have bought stuff from Amazon through our links - it is much appreciated. And by the way, just because what you want isn't on our front page, don't let that stop you linking through us ;-)

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If there are any areas of photography, wildlife or otherwise that you want our views on then we are always pleased to help out, if we have the knowledge that is, of course.


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