Wednesday 29 February 2012

Spring has arrived today - Mid Week Quickie

So for me, there are three indicators that today is the day, all before we enter March (just), and all hinge on new life.

Firstly, if any of you follow me on twitter (@martind01) you will know that I saw my first fledgling of the year. Immediately outside my office in Birmingham, which is adjacent to the busiest of Birmingham's railway stations, a freshly fledged feral Pigeon was sat on the pavement with pedestrians walking round it. Probably confused, but indifferent to its surroundings, it was indeed an early sign of new life.

Coming home tonight, I also saw the first of the trees in blossom, and finally, with very active frogs in the pond, the first clump of spawn heralds the arrival of this years batch of frogs.

Listening last night, the chorus from the frogs was probably the loudest that I have heard, largely due to the sheer numbers involved.

After I have finished this blog tonight, I will pop down and have a look and listen.


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