Friday 24 February 2012

Nikon D7000

I mentioned last week that my D7000 is up for sale and it should be gone by the end of this week, Its been a great camera as i have mentioned on many occasions, Its just about everything that a serious amateur could wish for and has its place in the pro's bag, it has come in very handy as a back up although at some points its been my main camera and the D3s has been the back up, Its very easy to think that a $6000 will always be better than a $1400 camera but in normal use it will give the more expensive body a run for its money, The image quality is excellent, I have to admit that it took me a while to tweak my technique to suit the new body but you soon realize that everything is coming out sharp and that you have adapted to the body without too much pain or wasted time , I guess i will go through it all again when i get the new body, I have not done very much video with it but if you look at this link it will show just how good the D7000 is as an overall package, Lets not forget that the D7000 is a very small and light camera and sometimes this plays to your advantage, I have to say that in the 3.5 years that i have used Nikon their products have always impressed-no lemons yet and when i get my new body it will be my 5th in the 3.5 years-time to slow down and enjoy a long term relationship


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