Saturday 4 February 2012

California Day 8-The Big Sur

The last day in California and it coincided with my wife's birthday, I asked where she wanted to go and luckily enough she said she would like lunch along the Big Sur stretch of coastline, The Big Sur runs from Monterey south and consists of rugged coastline dotted with beaches and state parks, Very Very Scenic and a photo opportunity at every turn, The weather was beautiful with blue cloudless skies and 70+ degree temperatures, Although i wasn't expecting to shoot i did have a trunk full of camera gear just in-case, There is one place in particular where you have a good chance to see the Californian Condor but it was not today and the skies remained empty of this huge bird, We did get good views of just about every other raptor, When we stopped at the condor area i spent some time looking at the sea lions playing in the sea below and when i looked up i noticed a spout from a whale and then another and another, During the few hours there we must have seen well in excess of 30 whales which you could clearly see through the binoculars, I would think they were humpbacks or greys or both, We had lunch way down the coastline in fact we were close to the end of the road as the landslide was still there, If you are ever near Monterey then this is a must place to visit
Here are a few snaps that i took on the way back

At certain times of year the hillsides explode with wildflowers and the images i have seen have been stunning, Hopefully that will coincide with my next trip there


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