Thursday 9 February 2012

Did April Fools Day come early this year?

So two days ago, Canon announced the 24-70f2.8L11 lens as Dave blogged here on Tuesday. I thought OK that looks nice and then yesterday I saw the price. £2299!!!!! FFS I believe is the saying, against the lens it is replacing currently at £995. And they didn't even bother with adding IS on the new one although I cant say I have ever missed it on my mark 1.

Still maybe the bizarre pricing will help push up the second hand prices when the mark 1 is no longer on stock. Might come in useful for the system switch over ;-)

I think I have worked out the meaning of the mark 2 designation on the Canon lens updates. It simply means that the price is doubled. Just compare the prices of the mythical 500 and 600 mark 11 primes as well - doubled!!

Anyway, I thank them for yet more comedy gold with their pricing. Good luck on that one boys.

Dave also picked up the lack of supply too here, and I did back in early January with this one.

Really what is the point of launching products that take so long to come to market?

All in all, I really thought April Fools day had arrived 53 days early

Anyway, the D800 looks good doesn't it. Think I might just be having a trundle along to Focus this year and take a peek.

Looks like the sort of thing I would use to replace the 5Dmk2 with when the time is right.



  1. You're right, Martin, it's all getting a bit out of hand with the pricing and seems to be making the insurance on my 'old' gear a bit redundant - replacing like for like just ain't gonna happen!


  2. No two ways about it the pricing is ridiculous, but then isn't it always for any new product in any market?

    I take your point about the huge time lag between announcement and going to market, but perhaps they are learning from past experiences (1D3) and making sure there are no issues whatsoever before releasing?