Sunday 12 February 2012

Garden Watching

I have been sitting at the rear garden window now for weeks just watching, Seeing when (time) the animals are arriving and from where (direction), The watching and making mental notes is just as important as time behind the lens, It should also make my time behind the lens more efficient,, The deer come just after dark although we had very low temperatures last night and as expected they came early, One deer arrived about 30 mins before dark and huged the woodland where i had put some corn out, 30 mins after dark and there were 7 in total, The fox came earlier as well and entered the garden at 7pm and left about 10 minutes later but before he left he went to the far end and another fox joined him, So we have a pair now and the noises late at night that i had mentioned before where no doubt them mating, The cold air has bought sopme new birds in and yesterday we had a wood thrush which was a new one for me,
Last week we had some beautiful sunrises and as i took my wife to work we drove over Falls lake and the mist was rising and it was flat calm-stunning, I was going to go there early today as we knew the weather last night was going to be very cold but what i didn't know was the heavy wind that accompanied it and so it was a lay in for me as i wanted the lake to be like a mirror-maybe tomorrow
This last few days i have been working in making my blind/hide underneath my screened porch more permanent and more comfortable for me to be in for many hours at a time, So i removed the camo netting and have been putting up camo covered plywood with windows that i can raise to shoot through, I will have windows at normal height but also a couple at ground level for low level photography, Once its done it should be great as it will be warm and dry and most importantly draft proof,
There certainly is more to wildlife photography than just taking images that's for sure


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