Friday 10 February 2012

Garden update

My neighbor called again late yesterday to tell me she had counted over 120 vultures in the tree in her garden, I popped around and sure enough there were enough to make the tree sway when they started to squabble, There are 2 types of vulture here-Black and Turkey and she has both there, I don't know why they have chosen this community to roost in but they are quite impressive in size if not looks,
My garden has been quiet of late mammal wise, Most nights we have deer and opossum but latley we have nights with nothing which is very disappointing to say the least, I decided to change my feeding pattern by dotting the garden perimeter with very small amounts of dog food in the hope that whatever passes will bump into some food and then spend time looking for more, The other night the opossum went from place to place looking and spending a lot of time in the garden and last night we finally had a grey fox come in and feed twice as the first time the deer surrounded it and then chased it off, I have to say that i am over the moon that the fox has finally come here and has fed, I think that the colder nights here of late has made it look further a field but hopefully it will return knowing that there is an easy meal, A week or so ago i did hear a disturbance in the woodland that backs onto my house and think it may have been foxes mating, I really do hope that was the case and will continue to search for any fresh digging in the hope of fox cub images in the spring
The colder nights have also bought some more wintering birds down and the feeders are now quite active with some new species for my garden including goldfinch,jay,junco and siskin to name but a few, I also changed my bird feed in the last week and made my own blend of sunflower seed both in husk and out along with some peanuts and the birds really seem to like the blend, The woodpeckers are also very active and i have to fill the holes in the 'pecker' branch twice a day


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