Monday 13 February 2012

Some record shots from the Weekend

As mentioned on my last blog, I said I would post some record images from my garden watching.

Really nothing special photographically, as they were just captures from the upstairs bedroom window into the wildlife garden of some of the common and rarer visitors to my garden patch.

No attempt was made to clone out food, or prepare for a formal shoot from the right angle of view or 'hide' the food.

Male Blackbird on one of the feeding stump tables

With the pond ice just starting to melt, the birds were keen to drink again after a few days of sub zero here in Stratford

Delightful Male Brambling. It has been back on Sunday and Monday

Two of the five Reed Buntings feeding from the ground. I usually get a lone single birds at this time of year, so five was very pleasing to see.

Good numbers of Chaffinch have returned from the countryside, and up to 20 are now a common sight again

A garden first - Redpoll. Single birds in on Saturday and Sunday, but Jac tells me we had four in today, as well as our male Blackcap that pops in from time to time.

If would be good to hear what rarer visitors the cold weather has been bringing to your gardens. Let us know via the comments if you wish.


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  1. Hi Martin, nice selection of birds there. A 'rare' bird for me would be a Great Tit, Blue Tit or even a Greenfinch ! However, I'm just as happy to have 20 Jackdaws, they aren't common and have come from Scandinavia.